Reviews about Hobart Handler 190


Hobart Company has been serving its customers for around 100 years. If you want to purchase a cost effective and powerful welder machine then, Hobart Handler 190 is the best product for you. If you not a fan of Chinese low quality and cheap products then this one’s for you. Hobart has earned its reputation in quality welder machines manufacturing for many years. Many features that are incorporated in Handler 190 are found in expensive machine.

hobart 2

Reviews about the Hobart Handler 190

Let’s have a look at the reviews of one of the most famous and successful machines in the world:

  • The Hobart Handler 190 welder has the capacity to weld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and flux core steel.
  • Generally people face problems with soft aluminum wires. But handler 190 has a built in feeder for wire which uses a quick release roll lever which is simple to use. This machine allows you to do a good weld even on a wide metal thickness
  • This welder machine is easy to operate and can be used without any prior technical training. There are two knobs in the machine one for voltage and another one for controlling amperage
  • The weight of a machine unit is 68 pounds. This light weightiness makes it very portable and can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • This machine has the brand name of Hobart which is ruling the markets for last 100 years
  • The cost of the Handler 190 can be considered as reasonable keeping in mind the features it offers which are mostly found in expensive brands
  • However there are various Chinese brands in the market but they cannot be relied upon in terms of quality in the long run

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